Unpacking Fun: Entertainment in Assisted Senior Living

Written By: Discovery Senior Living

Anyone who works professionally with seniors will tell you that social isolation is one of the biggest problems today's seniors face. Research shows that feelings of loneliness may increase the risk of health problems like heart disease and cognitive decline.

At Addington Place of Collinsville, we take great pride in fostering connections with and between our residents. Providing entertainment in senior retirement communities brings people together and adds a little fun to every day.

What kind of activities can residents enjoy? Read on to learn about the events and programs seniors can expect at Addington Place.

Games and Tournaments

Who said playing is just for children? Engaging in regular play is a great way to have fun and connect with others.

Focusing on the rules of a game, your next move, and your opponent's choices can keep you present and in the moment. There are plenty of games for assisted living residents to enjoy, from board games like Chess and Monopoly to card games like Rummy and Poker.

Residents can organize their own playing schedules with neighbors and attend community tournaments. They can even win prizes at some of the best-attended events like Bingo and Trivia Night!

Classes and Lectures

It's never too late to learn something new. Adult educational classes and programs can keep the mind active and sharp. Some programs, like book clubs, are resident-led, while others are organized by staff members.

Some educational activities for assisted living residents are hobby-based. For example, we may offer classes on:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Gardening and birdwatching
  • Language learning

We may bring in guest lecturers to talk about specific topics, from local history to film history. Not only are these lectures interesting, but they can act as conversation starters, helping residents find common points of interest with their neighbors.

Art and Music Therapy

At Addington Place of Collinsville, we offer both independent assisted living and memory care. This model allows many seniors to transition to higher levels of care without having to move to a new campus.

We try to incorporate accessible activities for a wide range of cognitive abilities into our schedule. Art and music therapy are great examples of activities that anyone can enjoy, including residents with memory-impacting conditions like Alzheimer's.

Art and music therapy allow residents to express their creativity. Activities like painting, drawing, and singing can promote relaxation and joyfulness. Residents can share their completed projects or simply take pride in their completion.

Group Dining

Research shows the significant impact of community dining on seniors. Potential benefits of sharing meals with others include:

  • Better mental health outcomes (like a lower risk of depression)
  • A wider variation in nutrition
  • Reduced risk of health disorders like heart disease

While residents of our assisted living program have their own private kitchens, they can also enjoy our communal dining program. On-site chefs prepare delicious and nutritious meals. We serve these meals in our inviting dining room, allowing residents to eat with each other up to three times per day.

Wellness and Exercise Programs

No matter your age, exercise can benefit your physical and mental health. According to the National Counsel on Aging, exercise takes on new levels of importance after the age of 60. Regular, accessible exercise can:

  • Prevent bone loss
  • Relieve pain
  • Prevent chronic diabetes
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve mood

Senior fitness programming is a key element of assisted living amenities. Many assisted living residents require accommodations and modifications to exercise safely. For example, chair aerobics works to boost heart rate and range of motion while providing balance support.

Guided group exercise adds an element of fun to a physical necessity. Plus, it adds variation to exercise routines to keep daily workouts fresh and entertaining.

Live Performances

Nothing compares to the thrill of a live performance (although there are plenty of great movies for retirement communities). Even when you're watching a play you've seen or a band you love, improvisations and audience participation make each live performance unique.

Seniors in retirement communities can expect to enjoy a handful of live performances a year. This can include:

  • Musical concerts with varying genres like classical, jazz, and swing
  • Theatrical performances
  • Professional dancing
  • Comedy acts
  • Cultural or traditional performances

Seniors may even have opportunities to perform themselves. There's nothing like a talent show to to provide entertainment for senior living!

Celebrations and Parties

Many assisted living communities have community rooms, dining halls, and outdoor areas that are perfect for theme parties and social activities for residents. This means that seniors can enjoy parties celebrating major holidays, like Thanksgiving and Fourth of July, as well as minor holidays like:

  • National Ice Cream Day
  • National Women's Day
  • World Book Day

Celebrations and parties create great opportunities for family members and non-resident friends to join in the fun. Residents can also use community spaces to host birthday parties or celebrations of their own. Great company, delicious food, and an inviting atmosphere are all you need to throw a get-together that everyone will love.

Local Outings

Not all activities for assisted living residents have to occur on campus. Residents also enjoy local outings sponsored by their community, often including transportation and pre-made reservations.

Here in Collinsville, there are tons of attractions seniors can enjoy, including:

  • Miner's Theatre
  • D.D. Collin's House
  • Willoughby Heritage Farm
  • Herald Square
  • City-sponsored events like Spring Festival

Residents can also organize shopping and dining trips. Supporting local businesses and trying new restaurants can strengthen residential ties to the wider community and add variety to any routine.

Learn More About Entertainment in Senior Retirement Communities

Social isolation can take a serious toll on the mental and physical health of senior citizens. Entertainment in senior retirement communities is designed to keep seniors engaged, active, and social, all while having fun. This guide provides a taste of what residents can expect from vibrant retirement living.

Addington Place of Collinsville provides both independent assisted living and memory care for holistic long-term care. Our residents love the activity schedule our staff puts together each week, as well as our dining and fitness programs. To learn more about our community, contact us and schedule a tour.

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